About Us

"It is better to see something once,
than to hear about it a thousand times."

About Us

Welcome to BondedWorld! Our mission is to help connect you with the world, and by providing guidance about the various destinations around the globe, we want to make it possible for anyone, no matter where they come from or the amount of money they have, to travel the world and experience the best of what each place has to offer.

But before all that, let us tell you a bit more about ourselves! We are 2 friends from Europe, passionate about traveling and the unknown, eager to explore what's beyond our four walls, to get out of our comfort zone and experience what the outside has to offer, to connect and share our experiences with other travellers and locals we find during our journeys.

The thruth is, the travel bug bit us some years ago, and since then we have spent the best time of our lives chasing for the next sunshine. After all we have done, we believe it has become a great opportunity for us to help other people experience the best of what each place has to offer.

With BondedWorld, we want to share or point of view on each destination. We creat and share travel guides here, and they tell you just about everything you need to know about the place. But more than tailoring an experience for a specific type, we want to show you both ways. We will tell you to visit the tourist traps in the area (they are also part of the experience), but we also show you the "off the beaten path" places where you can truly connect with the local culture. We will show you most luxurious, gourmet looking restaurants, and also the cheap food stands that every local visits.

Because, above everything, BondedWorld is a place for you to connect and learn about your next destination, and let you decide on what best suits your taste.

Embrace The Adventure

Travel for the experience,
travel for the culture,
and travel to be lost...